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Hey, I couldn't find you this morning at the sand pit so ended up tagging along with another group.
No problem, the guy that was driving was super late picking me up and it turned into a bit of a shit show. I’m pretty sure we ended up crossing paths on the trail at one point. I was with the group that one of
The riders had to get his bike pulled out of the beaver pond. I think u were riding with the BMA guys (think i saw a 250l riding with them)
Yes, I was riding with the BMA guys. They put me through the grind, but had a blast and learned a lot. Sorry to hear about your buddy's bike, that sucks.
Kyle, I opened up a few more slots. Please try again. I will likely open a few more as needed.

Hi, I'm a new member of BMA, just registered, and I'm saw that you're asking that members get involve for at least 4 hours which is a great way to promote the community. I will create a Telegram group for all memebers to chat, share pictures, etc.. I'll mange it which will be my way to support the comunity. But before I do so, I would like to make sure there are no existing Telegram group for BMA. Thank you.