Trail riding fun-day


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Congrats to you! And big Shout out to Terry! Without his efforts this would not have happened! Hope to get my girls there soon! Still need some gear and time!

That place is so close to stittsville that I almost did not mind forgetting the dirt bike keys at home :roll: How old are your kids?


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Always a great time at Terry's!

The opening up the blue last week really adds to this place. I find it makes the harder red & pink trails harder after you find 4th on the blue sections.

Looking forward to the ride on the 14th!


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HI Terry

My son which is 6 years old on a pw50 and myself will be there mid morning.

Jason Young

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New ride date announced! Saturday September 21, 2019.
Please see the first post of this thread for updated details and please RSVP via reply to this thread if you plan to join us.

That was a great ride-day on the 14th, I counted 8 riders and one very hard working trail maintenance worker that needs to ride next time out. He now has another section of trail with his name on it, "Faron's Root Bypass". Thanks to all of you for coming out. Let's do it again and perhaps get the trials riders out this time. We may not be up to riding those rocks but we would love to watch!


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Terry":ugp3l7pw said:
Tomorrow's ride day, Sept 29, has been cancelled due to a lack of interest and rather wet trails. Let's try again for October 6.
Hey Terry, unfortunatly I won’t be able to make oct 6 but for next time I would love to come. I am a upper intermediate rider looking to learn some advanced stuff, (slow, trials-like) would your place be good for that? Thx

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New ride date announced! Saturday July 31, 2021.
Please see the first post of this thread for updated details and please RSVP via email or reply to this thread if you plan to join us.
Hi Terry,

I'd like to come out on Saturday, if that's OK. I can't figure out how to PM using this forum, let me know how I can contact you privately for the location.




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New ride date announced! Saturday October 9, 2021.
Please see the first post of this thread for updated details.
Terry- I'll be coming out for an hour or two of blasting around the trails around 9.30am.

I just came back from a 3000km/5 day road ride out to Gaspe on the Big Bike and looking forward to some more technical exercise in the dirt. Can't wait to trying out the Wall Of Death :)

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Let's Ride! I think the trails are dry enough, last fall I ran a leaf blower over the trails so roots and rocks are visible and the trails will dry up faster. please try to not spin your tire just in case.

Covid: You don't need to mask-up when outdoors, but please keep extra distance when you stop to chat. I am no longer limiting the number of riders out at a time or scheduling time slots.

What's here:
  • 3 km of single-track trail. Easy main loop with optional colour coded tighter trails
  • Log crossings and rocks are small on the trails to keep it small wheel and new rider friendly. The turns are quite tight providing an advantage for the smaller bikes
  • Trials riding areas feature open field, piles of rocks, logs, parking curbs, tractor tires,and a teeter-totter
  • Technical help, riding tips and advice, tools & work space for repairs
Riding times: Anytime after 9:00 (Arrive anytime after 8:30 please)

Trials riding in the big rocks: Please pre-arrange someone to ride with, or watch you.

U16 riders: Please drag a parent or a guardian along.

New Trail Riders: bring any off-road riding gear you can get your hands on. (boots & helmet are required). I have some donated riding gear to loan out if you need it. I also take bookings to loan out my CRF150F. I would prefer to limit the number of people using the guest bike but it shouldn't be stuck in the garage while all the other bikes are out having fun. Practise on the lawn with pylons before hitting the trees if you like, just don't tear up the lawn or driveway.

Everyone, Bring quiet trail-bikes, trials-bikes, or mini-bikes. (Hand-guards are recommended). Bring a snack or lunch. There is absolutely no fee to ride here but I could use help with maintenance and donations to the MSF collection jar are most welcome.

RSVP: Let me know when you plan to arrive and how many are in your party. I'll send you a confirmation email promptly. Invite a friend!
BMA membership not required. License and insurance not required.

Here is what it looked like on July 31 2021 curtesy of Dave on his KTM 350
Hey Terry, where is this?


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is there a fee?

how late can people stay on the trails until?

where is it? not asking for an address, but just an idea as to how far this place is.



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it says "Bring quiet trail-bikes, trials-bikes, or mini-bikes" - can I bring a dual sport? thanks!


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Certainly. Bigger DS bikes over 650 won’t fit between the trees but little ones do fine


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Hey Terry, thanks for hosting me on Saturday. I had a blast!!! Your trails are awesome, fantastic job you have done designing and maintaining them!!

I will certainly go out again to see if can improve my riding skills and eventually start timing my laps.

This is a great resource for anyone that is passionate about off-road riding that lives in the west end of Ottawa, it really is!

All the best and many thanks again!!!



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Thank you very much to Terry for hosting me earlier today. I am honestly surprised more people didn't show up - great day, great trails, and a short drive/ride for anyone in or near Kanata.

Thanks Terry!