Yamaha GYTR tuner to borrow/rent/buy/share ?


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Anyone have a GYTR tuner for Yamaha 4 strokes (I have a 2018 YZ250FX) that they are willing to lend, or sell, or rent? I was able to borrow one (thanks Kevin!) when I first got my bike, but that one is no longer available. I was a really crummy novice rider, and I setup my bike with the most mellow map I could find. Three years later am now a slightly less crummy rider and I would like to experiment with different tunes. A new tuner is not free (about 260 us$) and is probably something I'd use rarely once I get the bike setup. Seems like a great thing to share with other owners. If anyone has one they are willing to loan or share (eg: I'd buy a half, or third, or quarter share of one), or sell, please let me know. If not, are there other Yammie owners out there who would like to form a little cooperative and buy one to share?