Who's here now?

So, the invitations to join this Rides Board went out and an invitation to the first ride was posted and discussed, (fun ride BTW for those that missed it). I was just wondering if I could get a show of hands to see who has now watching this sub-forum? It will only work if we get enough riders involved. Please just hit reply and tell me you're in.
Giddy UP! I am a few weeks away from receiving my 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700. Hoping the Suez fiasco doesn't cause further delay......was riding and racing offroad ontario in Vet B for the past few years and made a change....sold the dirtcicles and pursuing another passion. Will dig into the forum and look forward to meeting up for some proper Dual Sport rides. Live in the Kingston area.


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Welcome aboard. I'm also waiting for my new bike to arrive. You could add yourself to the BMA Dual Sport Google Sheet if you like.