West Calabogie, Sunday August 30th


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Sounds like a great test for my skill and distance. Unfortunately I am away this weekend with my family and don’t think I would make it back in time. I will keep watching for future rides.

Hope you have a great ride.

Wish I could be there!



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Hello Steph

I was wondering what the double track is like from your staging point last week https://goo.gl/maps/H8tvybK4BM2CqXMR8

To Jupiter lake or dodge lake is like?

How did you carry extra fuel for a range of 130km? How much time does a ride like that take? Wondering about food requirements.

Thanks for any advice you could give.

2015 husky te300


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A mix of fast and slow technical trails, some are not advance novice / beginner intermediate friendly 2 tracks.
Could you get through them as advance novice, maybe, but the loop is too big, you'd be exhausted and wouldn't finish.
I go south west to Bradley lake then double back a bit and head south to Ompah, then back up.
With a fast group 4.5 to 5 hours + breaks, we did it in 5.5 hours with breaks on this ride, group of 4.

As for fuel, I can run 140 to 160 km's on the stock tank. 2 track tends to give you a bit more mileage.
1L fuel bottles is the go to for a lot of guys. Pack a bottle or two and you are good to go, bearing your jetting is solid.


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Thank you Steph.!! Carbs are setup well.

Great info. I will review the backroads map again and do another route - I will make it much shorter!!

My son will likely ride with me. He is advance novice but a little bit slower than me thru the tighter/technical parts.

He rides the beta 300rr so I figure the range per gas tank should be pretty similar but we will pack extra for safety sake.

Do you have any other recommendations for appropriate trails for my riding skill? That I could review and setup a route for my gps?

Thanks again