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Just wondering if anyone is using a tech vest to carry their gear and hydration such as the one here:


I looked through the archive, but there does not seem to be much of any discussion for the last decade. Some of the posts in the archive also seemed to see it as a replacement for a chest protector.



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Hi J, I have one of these. I like it but they never caught on on the off-road community. It is not replacement for a chest protector since it has no protective armour at all. I find the distribution of weight to be better than a backpack and it holds a lot of stuff without flopping around. They’re expensive though and I probably wouldn’t have one had I not won it as a door prize on a Rally Connex Ride. Mine holds tire irons, spare tube, first aid kit, wallet, phone, bug repellent, tire pump, patch kit, tools & water. If you have a heavy dirt bike it actually helps to keep the weight of all this stuff off your bike to improve handling in tight trails. I once weighed mine at over 20lb. So assuming you plan to carry all that stuff anyway that 20lb. Less on the bike and more on you really helps on the trails.


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A tech vest is something completely different and is a form of chest protector.


If you mean this:


I have used one for many years. It offers excellent protection (trust me, mine is very well tested), is comfortable, holds a lot and is extremely durable. On the downside, it is hotter than many alternatives. This can be mitigated a bit by partially unzipping on hot days.

I like mine so much I bought a second one used on Kijiji a couple of years ago, for when this one wears out. But no sign of that happening. If someone needs size Large, I would sell my original for $100. If you don't like it, you can almost certainly recover that cost.

I just surveryed condition:

  • it could use a wash
  • there is a small tear in the fabric covering strap for left arm protector. Clearly a branch spear, I did not notice when it happened
  • the front packets have two compartments - one accessed from zipper at side, one from snap cover at front, On right pocket the internal separator has torn at one end. You won't lose anything, but stuff can wander from one compartment to the other. Never bothered me, could be repaired if it bothers you

I will keep the drink system (would you want mine anyway?). It is standard, anything from MEC, etc will work.

My vest in action at Woody's in 2009:

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