Sunday July 10 Calabogie....hard n fast


Let's do all the harder single track stuff, backwards and forwards if need be...hitting Deliverance too. Let's make it hurt :mrgreen:

I'll start hydrating right away...


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Hey Guys, Have fun! must be nice to be so young to want to have some pain and suffering...LOL.... Obviously, I won't be physically joining you all...but in spirit, I will be thinking of you all....have fun...while out there try the updated Hells 1/2 Acre....I've been told that the eastbound travel is extremely difficult!...Tom in Kingston


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Though this trail has been there for million years, I just couldn't find the entrance of Hells 1/2 Acre, perhaps I'm just not experienced enough on the north side yet.

I attached a picture that shows how to get to the Hydroline trail coming from Ferguson lake rd, can you indicate where the entrance of the that trail is?


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HHA is just past the creek crossing where you turn off of Garnsey's (back towards the Hydroline). There will be orange tape to the west.