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Welcome the the BMA Rides Board sub-forum.

Please "watch" this sup-forum to receive emails with links to new posts. These emails will arrive whenever a forum member posts an invitation or contributes to a discussion. It is really the only way this Rides Board forum will work.

Watching a thread is easy, log in then go to Rides Board page and click on "Watch" in the upper right corner of the page. You can watch individual topics but this is not necessary if you Watch the entire Rides Board sub-forum. You can also Watch the same way to any of the sub-forums or topics on the BMA forum.

On this Rides Board sub-forum you may post replies to the invitations to discuss ride details or just to say "I'm in, see you there". You may start a new topic to post an invitation or start a discussion about a particular ride with information about meeting time, location, and the type of riding you'd like to do etc.

This sub-forum is also suitable for finding a riding buddy for one of the organized rides that BMA puts on each year or for the pre-riding activities associated with these rides.

Post in this forum to find riding buddies, share trailers or accommodations for a ride organized by another club or commercial organization. You may link to these other rides in your post rather than reiterate all the pertinent details. (Note: Advertisements without BMA content will be removed from the Rides Board.)

This is your Rides Board. Please post responsibly and enjoy.
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