People with "real" trucks will laugh


Heck, Ridgeline owners may even laugh :)

But the new Ford Maverick seems ideal for me to haul one bike. It fits two (like photo), but that may tax tail-gate load capacity. Will see how it works in the spring...



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I currently own an F-150 crew cab and was considering getting the Maverick due to gas prices going up. I usually haul my bike on a hitch carrier and would probably do the same on the Maverick. Will need to check it out at the dealership. I think some companies are going to have fun creating accessories for this truck.


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If fuel prices are the concern, get a diesel half tonne. I average 9.2-10.2 in a 2020 silverado with the 3.0 L duramax. I couldn't live without the full box when hauling