Ottawa Trials Practise Area


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Hi Trials riders,
Terry here, the guy with the pile of rocks in his backyard and some tight single-track in Dunrobin. I want to support the trials riding community and that means getting the critical mass of participants, volunteers and organizers to make it work. I'm proposing a cooperative of sorts.

What Eric B. has done in the past, and will probably continue to do, is host the Wednesday evening practice sessions from 5 to dusk and "herd cats" to get riders out and the maintenance chores done, he mostly wound-up doing the chores himself. Thank Eric.

What I'm asking for now is a list of trials riders, (BMA membership is not required), that want to use my property for trials practice. Please send me an email and spread the word beyond this forum if you like, The more riders the better. I will then send each of you a link to a Google-sheet where you can add your name bike and your contact info. This list can be seen and edited by anyone with the link so please only edit your own information and only share the link with trials riders in the area. If you lose the link I'll resend it. Your edits are near instant and don't require hitting a save button.

Anyone of you can initiate a ride or maintenance date at my place anytime by posting an invite to the anyone or all on the list, once a time and date have been agreed upon, and only after it has been agreed upon by more than one person, make contact with me. In other words any and all of you are the ride coordinators, but not me.

Here are my requirements:
1. I will not babysit you when you ride at my place but someone must, I won't allow just one rider for safety reasons.
2. You can ride anytime but I need to know in advance when some riders will be out in case there is a conflict of some sort and I have to say no
3. Significant changes to the obstacles require my approval
4. Use of my equipment for maintenance requires my approval
5. I will not be your ride coordinator, please don't ask me, "is so and so going to be riding today". I probably won't know.

You can make this work.