It has been a month. I can laugh about it now. Almost.

Put new rubber on for the Boogie, my third time mounting with Tubliss. I’m just getting the hang of the new procedures after many years and well into triple digits for regular tire changes. Front went ok. Rear mounted as easily as any rear tire ever. I was patting myself on the back until I started to pump up the high pressure tube. Whoosh of air with each stroke of the pump. Reseated the pump to valve stem a couple of times, same thing. Doh!

I had read that a tear at valve stem was not unusual for Tubliss, assumed I had messed something up. Unmounted the tire (making a fresh-Slime mess), unmounted the liner and high pressure tube. Inspection showed no problem. Pumping gave same whoosh as before, but it was clear no air was entering tube.

Grabbed another pump and the tube inflated normally. Tried the original pump on my bicycle, same whoosh. Reinstalled the Tubliss system, mounted/inflated the tire and took care of the original pump:

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