Mikuni fix


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Sharing a common fix that's been making its rounds around forums that seems to resolve jetting woes with this carb.
Search the forums for jet block gasket and you can read up all about it.
JD recently came out with a kit to fix the issue and gnarleyparts has them in stock $10.95 - call them, they don't have it online yet.

https://jdjetting.com/product/jdmk05-mi ... block-kit/

Also read up on the slide notch fix!
i hate you Steph.I fought through my Mikuni woes and thought i was done,now you drag me back down into with a "fix".Dam it!!

Ill probly try it...


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Hahaha, you were the first one I thought of when I started running into my mikuni woes and remembered all the convo's we had about it late last year.

I was out riding last weekend in Pennsylvania and got to test it for 2 days, the difference was significant, noticed it right away. The bike ran great throughout the band. 1/8 blip is gone, lean bark in the 1/4 to 1/2 is gone, random hanging idle is gone, cold starts first push.

Now, It's only my 5th ride on this 2 stroke coming from a 4 stroke, so you might pick up on lean / rich condition somewhere in the band that I'm not noticing, but the change was drastic, for the better.

Let's hook up in May for a ride and you can give it a try before you go through the trouble of switching back :)

18 hours on this gasket (left bad, right new JD one)