Looking for Calabogie Boogie Volunteers


Staff member
We are looking for Dual Sport riders to lead or sweep at this year's Calabogie Boogie. (all three levels: Scenic, Semi-Aggressive, & Aggressive). Please volunteer if you have strong riding skills, support skills such as medical (first aid), or mechanical (flat tire), and are able to follow GPS tracks on your GPS. You might need to call 911 and direct emergency services to a victim's location.

The leader's role is to follow pre-defined tracks keeping a pace that is safe and fun for all while being mindful of stragglers that may be having trouble keeping up. The riders following you, either don't have or don't know how to use a GPS.

Sweepers operate in pairs following the last participant riders at a respectable distance. You want to be there quickly if there is a problem but not push anyone beyond his/ her comfort zone. If the leader stops to count the riders in the group, just give a thumbs up indicating that there are no issues, and the ride can continue when ready. If something needs to be brought to the attention of the leader, ride past the participants to talk, (assuming you don't both have comms). If issues arise, you will have to make decisions as to how to best deal with them. If outside help is needed and someone needs to ride away from the accident or mechanical issue, then the other sweep rider is to stay on scene with the victim. Once an issue has been dealt with, continue to sweep so that no one is left behind.

Contact Heather at dualsport@bma1.ca