Husky/KTM Shock Pre-load Tool


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I just bought a Husky FE 350 and want to adjust the Sag at the back. Does anyone have the tool to adjust the shock's red collar to add/reduce spring load that can lend me? I live in Stittsville-Kanata area of Ottawa and I can go pick it up and return it within a couple of hours.




You may not need a special tool, I usually adjust by hand. Bike on stand (of course), loosen the lock (second ring on some bikes, allen screw on your bike if it is like my 2018 Husky), then grab the spring with both hands (there is generally room, even on fully assembled bike) and rotate in desired direction. Visually confirm that the preload ring is turning with the spring. It should, unless things are really dirty.


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Awesome, thanks for tip. I will try that for sure.

Enjoy the riding season!