Dual Sport insurance.


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Hi guys, any thoughts on where to go for insurance? My bike , a drz 400, is comming in at over 800 dollars. This normal? Ive had insurance on and off road for 20 years.


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Hey Garry,

I'm with TD insurance (everything is with them), and I pay $370/year as a first year rider, commuting to work and trail riding for my lil'KLX250



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Hey thanks Peter. Thats a great help as I can use it as leverage against Co-operators. Keep Labrador in mind! An adventure of a life time!


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Hi, FYI:

I've been with Kingsway Motorcycle Ins since 2006. They just changed names to Jevco from what I've seen on my 2010 invoice.
for my XR650L just over $600.00 per year. Driving a motorcycle since 1987 (clean driving record) expensive bike when it comes to insurance.

I checked out TD and there price was $23.00 cheaper. online quote nice and fast

The cooperators are going to get back to me in a day or two with a quote.



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I'm with State Farm and am paying ~$30/mth for my WR250R.
Full coverage, clean record, over 25, and I have my car insured with them as well.

$800/yr seems really high for a 400cc, but then your driving record and other factors play a role...


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Even my Co-operators owner/agent gets her bike insurance elsewhere - they are not even close to competitive with motorcycle insurance. I'm paying about $400 year for my WR through Dalton Timmins


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Thanks for all the advice guys! Keep 'em comming. I think Im leaving Co-op...Bike, boat, sled, car, house,...they are the loosers...


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I just did the switch over to Dalton Timmis.

Savings of $250 (for this year anyway) over Riders Plus where I have been past 3 years. The guy at RP told me to switch.

They have a dualsport insurance package. You might want to check it out.


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So I just bought a new 2019 DRZ400S and I think I have made a mistake.
I should have checked Insurance before making the purchase. This DS is still at the dealership, and I am considering seeing how to get out of the purchase.

Kanetix surveyed several providers and the best rate for a year is $912.00 from Intact, this was taking the Absolute most basic coverage possible.
I have been riding motorcycles on and off road for 37 years, claims free, clean license with loads of extra training, track days, including having a professional license BM.
I have 2 street bikes, a Ninja and a Honda ST1100 V4 which last season TD quoted me initially $940 then $835.00 after I talked to them and went totally basic coverage.
So I said no thanks and did not ride last season on the street. Instead I just rode dirt bikes with my 2 kids (KLX110 and KLX140G) on our own property where we paid $0 for insurance.
The Big ST1100 is heavy, powerful and requires quite a bit of skill to ride well, but still $835 is just too much.

So how can insurance companies think that someone is going to pay $912.00 for the most basic coverage for a small single cylinder 32 horse power Dual Sport, and someone with 37 years of motorcycle experience.

Are the insurance companies really that keen to extinguish the Dual Sport motorcycle industry in Ontario ?

I will check directly with Jevco and others, but this experience is just so wrong, why do they waste our time ?

DRZ400S, KLX140G, KLX110, XL250R, CR125R, EX500R, ST1100
Hi, just we thru this last spring:

2018 CRF250L, 1st-year street riding, M2, 32yr old, 3000km/yr, Told them I was going to ride the bike in winter.

$534/year with The Personal (you need to be part of some group), including comprehensive with 500$ deduc., got $100 ish discount for bringing in my car.

TD quote was $650 ish for same coverage.

Those were the cheaper, I probably called 10-15 companies/brokers, other quotes were ranging between $900-2400/year, some did not want to insure at all. The guys from Personal was very friendly so I asked him what makes a big difference in premium, he told me that for motorcycle one of the big thing is where you live, to show me, he just changes my address to somewhere downtown Toronto and the premium increased to over $2000. That's 4x what I'm paying in Kingston.

Hope this helps.



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I got my M1 and M2 this year and this is what I discovered; complete the safety course for good coverage.

Everywhere I called I was willing to move my house, truck and green plated bike.
At a rate of $500'ish for the course, my insurance quotes dropped $1000 to $1500.
Desjardins was 2K without the course, $1.4K with, would drop to $900 if I moved my truck / house.
Dalton wasn't competitive. I had my green plate bike there and moved it to Dejardins after my rates almost doubled last year.
The rates were for a 690 2010 & 2020, and DRZ400 2010 & 2020...the year and engine size didn't mater in my case and would move the quote $50 to $100, the course made all the difference.

TD insurance was the cheapest.
I couldn't get insurance with TD unless I had safety course & M1 OR 3 years M2 / M experience.
I'm 40, clean record, have 0 years on road, but they took my 10 years of off-road experience into account.
I have my house and truck with them, since I'm principle driver on the truck it dropped my coverage on the bike since it's not my primary driver (similar to what Desjardins told me)
On my 2020 KTM 690, I pay $495 a year full coverage, including the new vehicle 5 year replacement coverage.

Safety course side note...I did mine with Learning Curves in Smith Falls...I rode well over 160 km's in a parking lot for 2 days. For what I thought would be a check mark exercise to save on rates, turned out to be an enjoyable riding weekend in a parking lot :)
Happy rate shopping!