Calabogie South Sunday, June 16th


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Intermediate riders
0900 meet up @ HGC
0930 ready to ride

Riding with the chainsaw to continue cleaning - bring saws!

-DMZ large one between Blackbear and Helter
-River Run
-Kelford loop, rehabilitating an old trail that goes around Quinn's
-Goat Trail
-Fanny hill

Reply if joining
If the weather changes, start time will be adjusted, keep an eye on the thread

Any other deadfall we need to visit? Please let me know!


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We hit it from both ends, came within 400m of connecting it, we ran out of time and called it late afternoon to double back and ride back to hgc, a long day full of fun adventures and cleared trails. That trail is some white gnarley epic wet snotty rocky hilly fun. It will be looped / connected, it's too fun not to.


I wonder if the Kelford Loop would be more likely to be conquered with the recent dry weather?