Calabogie South Saturday, May 18th


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Intermediate riders
0900 meet up @ HGC
0930 ready to ride

Riding with the chainsaw to continue spring cleaning.
Clearing all singles by high falls, faron's, up the creek, black bear, DMZ from the washed out bridge to the road, porno palace, straddlebug, time permitting BFH, screw u north, if water is low river run

Reply if joining
If the weather changes, start time will be adjusted, keep an eye on the thread


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Hey Steph

BFH is ok, screw you North we missed the first section off of BFH, but the extension is OK. Deliverance and SOT is also done (I left some 'rideable' logs in Deliverance on purpose), Blazing saddles between mud run and Wrack is also ok. I might be there Sunday as Saturday is coaching day at Woodys.