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Time to update this old thread

The 2019 Calabogie Boogie Trail Ride is sold out, But the Dual Sport rides are not! Join us September 7 & 8

Anyone with a blue plated (and insured) bike is invited to enjoy carefully prepared routes that offer less aggressive alternatives to the trail rides. There are three different Dual Sport options:
Scenic Tour, consists of fun, twisty dirt, gravel and paved roads through picturesque areas where the roads are seldom straight.
Adventure, Is for riders looking for something a bit more aggressive, we ride some of the scenic tour roads but also include power lines and ATV trails.
Aggressive, Mostly ATV trails for bikes limited to 650 cc or less and knobby tires are mandatory.
GPS tracks will be provided for all 3 rides and we will provide leaders for those without a GPS. The dual sport rides will all be swept for your safety.

Preregistration for the Calabogie Boogie Dual Sport ride is available online until August 1 st

The Calabogie Boogie Dual Sport rides are GPS rides. Although we offer a leader for each of the three rides, you will have a better time riding at your own pace or riding with someone having a GPS. Those riders showing up without a GPS will have to accept the probability of riding in a larger than ideal group. See if you can find someone to ride with that will go your pace and help you navigate.

The GPS files I have uploaded onto your device at registration uses "tracks" filtered to 500 points. The tracks are simple to follow, just select the track to display stay on the coloured line!

Suggestions for following Calabogie Boogie tracks:
- Set the display to "Track-up" (NOT North-up!), older units without a built in compass may spin the display when you stop. Glance down at the track before you completely stop to see correct orientation or display a track-log of your ride so you can see where you have been.
- Turn the Auto-zoom off (It's too hard to judge distances when the zoom changes)
- Only display the one track you are currently following. (Not an issue if you activate the track with the GO button on some GPS units)
- Select a track colour that you can see easily and does not get lost against the roads or rivers on you map, Light Green is good. (Again not an issue if you activate the track with the GO button on some GPS units)
- Clear your old track-logs and record a new track-log as you ride, set the track-log display to white to show you where you have been unobtrusively or set it to transparent if you don't want to see it at all, change the display back to white anytime when you do need to see it.
- Some GPS units will allow you to "navigate" the tracks by selecting them and hitting GO. This gives you a nice fat purple line to follow rather than the thin track colour line. Personal preference on this one. I have an old 60CSX so I just follow the lines on the screen
- If you use the arrow buttons to pan around the map or if you ever you don't see a cursor on the screen indicating where you are, tap the QUIT button once to move the cursor and the map back to the middle of the the screen. Normally the GPS will keep you centered on the screen as you ride.