AOAA trails in PA


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Ryan and I recently visited. If you are looking for winter riding with little to no snow, this is a great spot 6.5 hours from Ottawa, plenty to ride for 2 days and take care of the itch.
I would classify it as a mish mash of Calabogie ATV trails, some more rocky then others, similar to Bompas, Stoney, Chicken Out, The Crag, fire roads, plenty of hills to be found and great views of the valley.

-60-70% is side by side / jeep wide, the rest is ATV.
-a couple of play sections with fun climbs
-less than 5 single tracks
-blue trails are misleading and Jeep only (mostly short large rock gnarley climbs) for rock climbers
-plenty of options for all rider types
-we found green trails with rock gardens that got me walking the bike, don't underestimate the green trails
-they have GPS tracks that you can use with maprika (app), worked great...for 30min, I misjudged a climb on our first day and pulled a ghost rider breaking my GPS (rocks everywhere), we easily navigated the rest of the weekend with west and east print out maps and trail markers
-they invested a ton in the welcome facilities, huge parking area, fantastic spot
-closest town is 5min. away, Shamokin
-we found a 1 bedroom appt. 30min. away for 75$ a night CAD all in...tourism is slow in the winter, cheap

A quick tip on finding out if they have snow or not (beyond their own parking area webcam), check out weatherunderground > maps & rader > all layers > select webcams. From here, you can see live webcam feeds around the area. If you click on a webcam, you can also see a daily snapshot for the last several weeks, really comes in handy to figure out how deep / much snow they have, stud vs not

We had a blast and would definitely return.
Happy riding!