Any interest in GT416AA fronts ?


I might be purchasing them from a US dealer that got them back in stock, would have them delivered to my US PO box near Cornwall. Price is 90usd (about 125 cnd now) which is on par with the the Canadian prices I've seen. For some reason these tires aren't available in Canada right now it seems.
Note, this is the fatty 90-100/21 size.
Let me know if interested.I'm still not convinced I want to go through the trouble.


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I spoke to Jeff, Tubliss company owner, last month and discussed 'fatty front tires'.

I agree with you on the difficulty of getting those GT 'fatties'.

He recomended a Michelin Starcross HP4 as an alternative that is a 90/100-21. He said most folks love it or hate it.

Canada's Motorcycle had it for 96.37 plus tax with free shipping to my front door.

Bought and installed. Will be able to provide a review in the springtime.

In the meantime, my Trelleborg Winter Friction tires are doing just fine....



Just realized the typo, its GT216AA.....ordered them today. Heard good things about the new Starcross 5 lineup but haven't seen any yet for retail.