2009 KLX250s (351cc big bore, lotsa mods)


11000km (maybe 25 hours of actual off-road), maintained and in good condition (minus some plastics). Mods include:

351cc big bore kit with TM33(34mm) pumper carb (Bill Blue)
Full FMF powerbomb exhaust with Q4 silencer
KDX airbox snorkel kit
Kickstarter kit (OEM has electric only)
IMS 12l tank, plus original tank as spare
Suspension revalve and tuned by Moto Pro (200 lbs rider)
Custom linkage for better off road clearance and head geometry
Lithium battery
Custom reprogrammable CDI with sidestand switch defeated (no breakdowns from faulty switch wiring)
Extra wheels
Rear tail rack
Rear extended tail fender deleted, flexible LED lights and plate for a real off-road fender setup
Aluminum full wrap skidplate
Rental high bars with risers
Replaced shifter star with upgraded version (silent recall)
Forged shifter
Manual cam chain tensioner (never installed)
Maybe some other stuff?

Make me an offer!