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    Trails and Trials at Terry's

    New ride date announced! Sunday November 21 Please see the first post of this thread for updated details.
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    Trails and Trials at Terry's

    New ride date announced! Saturday November 6 and Sunday November 7 Please see the first post of this thread for updated details.
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    Sun., Oct. 10 dual sport ride

    Good day. For anyone interested in a beautiful, scenic ride, we are meeting at the Petro Canada Gas Station and General Store, 24544 Highway 7, Sharbot Lake, Sunday, Oct. 10. As of right now, we plan on meeting at 10 a.m. Ride starts at 10:30 a.m. A confirmation of time will be sent Saturday...
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    Reminder - The 2021 Fall Charity Ride is this Saturday Sept 25 in Calabogie

    Here are the details :
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    Trails and Trials at Terry's

    Hi Dave, I sent you an email. let me know if you received it please.
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    2015 DL650 V-STROM For Sale

    Located in Ottawa, Asking $6,600, Insurance is still on it for a short while should you need to test ride it. - One owner, certified, 43,000 Km - Complete service records, excellent condition - Mosko Moto, 25 liter Backcountry Panniers - Happy Trails, SL side racks - Cortech, 2.0 Magnetic 12...
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    Who's here now?

    Hi Scott.
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    Who's here now?

    Welcome aboard. I'm also waiting for my new bike to arrive. You could add yourself to the BMA Dual Sport Google Sheet if you like.
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    A new home for the Forums!

    The description detailing how to subscribe is also out of date. I'll try to fix this page soon
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    Who's here now?

    Thanks Ross, I missed that one. So I see I have a bunch of watched topics that ported over from the old forum's subscriptions, now I just need to find why I didn't get an email notice telling me of your reply.
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    Who's here now?

    Hi All, We have a shinny new forum with all our old posts still available.:) However It seems the concept of "subscriptions" to specific forums may have been lost. It may be that it is a feature that can be turned on or perhaps there is a workaround. I'll look into it further and let you know.
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    Ottawa Trials Practise Area

    Hi Trials riders, Terry here, the guy with the pile of rocks in his backyard and some tight single-track in Dunrobin. I want to support the trials riding community and that means getting the critical mass of participants, volunteers and organizers to make it work. I'm proposing a cooperative of...
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    CRF230F Muffler

    Does anyone have a stock Honda OEM muffler assembly or just the spark arrester/ baffle assembly from one kicking around? I would like to return a modified bike to stock.
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    2020 Weekly Trials Practice

    Weekly Trials practice in Dunrobin is back again this year. There is no fee for these riding sessions but volunteer hours for maintenance and occasional improvements are expected. BMA membership is not required for any of the ride opportunities held at my place. Again this year the riding &...
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    Rides Board Introduction

    Welcome the the BMA Rides Board sub-forum. Please "watch" this sup-forum to receive emails with links to new posts. These emails will arrive whenever a forum member posts an invitation or contributes to a discussion. It is really the only way this Rides Board forum will work. Watching a thread...