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    Travel forum?

    If I waited for someone to ride with on my DS I'd ride a faction of what I ride, that's just the reality of matching schedule and availability. If you ride solo there is absolutely a higher risk, I do it, but have my limits. It doesn't matter how prepared you are, worst case scenario's do play...
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    2022 Events

    With the recent announcement of COVID restrictions being lifted a few events are being re-worked to happen in person. New dates are being finalized this week and will be posted here by end of week;
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    2022 Events

    Hi - I sent an e-mail to our board members, stand-by :)
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    Moving questions for those in ON or QC.

    Insurance costs I can't help much. Call and get quotes would be my recommendation. I know Quebec tends to be slightly cheaper on insurance for anything with a VIN number, but you pay a premium on license sticker renewals. As for what is best, depends what you like to ride. I'm not a slab rider...
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    Hunting season change!

    Calabogie riffle hunting for Moose shifted a week earlier than usual this year Moose Oct 18-24 Deer Nov 1-14 Quebec FQMHR Hwy 309 area & Papineau-Labelle Moose Sep 25-Oct 3 & Oct 23-27 Deer Oct 16-20 & Nov 6-21
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    Travel forum?

    Quebec FQMHR pass / trail system Explore Papineau-Labelle wildlife reserve for free, fantastic terrain The Pontiac trail system isn't on FQMHR, but is on FQCQ - most trails are crown or unmaintained roads, multi use and doesn't require a pass Every Zec in Quebec is a playground; I've only played...
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    Papineau-Labelle ride Saturday 14th - 9:30am

    Papineau-Labelle ride Saturday - 9:30am leave from ferry parking lot QC side - 300 km loop - all gravel / unmaintained roads / high flow 2 track, no gnar - you need 240 km's range, only gas stop on the loop is at 80 km's in - no fqmhr pass needed. Pack...
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    Trail Access via Barrett Chute Road

    Going around is the only option. You can only cross the Madawaska at mountain chute road
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    Dirtbike Chain Lubricant?

    Same, I use this stuff; on both bikes. 2 seasons and it's been great so far.
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    Calabogie South - Minipine closed / danger!

    The county was actively using the quarry today by the mini pine trail (highfalls parking lot) with 3 dump trucks and a loader. The back wall of the quarry moved back at least 5' and has eaten up the mini pine trail that comes out of the woods into the quarry for a short bit in the sand (blue...
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    Used TKC80's

    Shinko 244 - SOLD 1500 km's - TKC80 140/80-18 70R TT- 50$ 1500 km's - TKC80 90/90 21 - 40$
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    Canada Day ride, Thursday 1st

    Canada Day ride, Thursday July 1st; 9:30 kickstands up; meetup QC ferry parking lot; big papineau-labelle loop all gravel / old gravel / 2 track roads with washouts, NO FQMHR trails = no pass needed, fast paced ride; 400+/- km's day. Back by 5'ish If you...
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    3D printing parts!

    I discovered 3D printing over the winter and wanted to share with the community. Had a buddy print the following; One fixed the throttle slop on my 690, the other fixed a broken buckle on my leatt knee guards...
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    A new home for the Forums!

    FYI - Forum subscriptions were reset with the migration. If you want to receive notifications of new posts / threads going forward, click the Watch button for Forums you'd like to follow. e.g.: click on Rides Board, click the Watch button in the top right corner, select your notification...
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    Lowering KTM

    -Seat foam shave will get you 1" -Lighten the pre-load on the rear spring and move up the forks in the clamps will get you another 1" - geometry might be slightly affected, sag it -Rear shock spacer - really cheap, but you have to take the shock apart to get it in there - if you are handy in the...