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    125cc 2t

    Looking for a friend. Who has what? Thanks Oldschool!
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    Calabogie North Trail Map

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    registering a motorcycle

    Phone the service ontario center.
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    2011 KTM 300 xc w

    Selling my 2011 300 xc w with potential bells and whistles! Top end done yearly! Strong and healthy runner! Not that pretty but honestly I rather spend time riding than cleaning! Upgraded to V Force 4 reeds! Vertex Pistons, Hot rod Cam! Kehien Carb (the best!). Brakes when its needed! All fluids...
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    TTR 50 for sale

    The girls have out grown the bike! 2016 TTR 50 up for sale. low low hours since my ownership. perhaps 10 hours! Putting this out to club members first then the masses. Looking for $1600. Have not needed anything for the bike and will throw in a tender for the battery! New battery this spring...
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    Volunteers needed

    Area 31! This will not get done without volunteer help! Mitch Owens and Bank street! We are looking for machinery to move tires logs concrete and sand or rocks! Let me know how you as a BMA member can contribute! Thanks Chris Moyle BMA Vice Chair and Land Use Development 613 794-6985 email to...
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    Hey! Looking for help with "Area 31"! We are currently looking for concrete slabs and round concrete tubes to ride on! Where do you work, perhaps you have an "IN" to help up establish the area! Free material preferred! PM me direct to help forward the movement! Rubber side down! Chris Moyle...
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    Hunting 2019

    Please respect that hunting in the Calabogie riding area is now active! Perhaps it's a great time for bike maintenance! New top end!??!!! Cheers! CM
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    hanging idle 300 xc w

    Jetting issues? Thought to post and get some feedback. Running a 165mj, 35 pilot, third clip. Once the bike warms up and after a WOT run I come to a stop and she wants to keep going. I mean it sounds like an air leak but I have sprayed carb cleaner on the boot and no change in idle. My...
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    Beta Canada Demo day March 3 2019

    Just signed up for a Demo day at Kennelly Mountain with Beta Canada. Some spots left for those who are interested in trying a snow bike. Should be a great day!
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    Winter Trail Riding

    Winter Riding To be honest I really did not think long on how winter riding may be any different from regular seasonal single track trail shredding! I just wanted my season to be extended and truthfully never end. I worked to set up my bike with minimal budget and time. Add some studs to my...
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    19" Excel Takasago Rim

    I have an Excel 19" Takasago Rim that is gently used. I run 18" and have no need for it! I have most of the spokes/nipples. No hub. No major dings nor dents. Best offer. Thanks. Chris
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    Wednesday ride Calabogie

    Just thought to shop around for Wednesday. I have a Kitchen pass... I am interested to see what is out there. Looking for intermediate riders. You know who you are! Let's go! South Side. BGC @ 9 ready to ride 930 please . Cheers! C
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    WANTED! kids bike 70cc

    got one. thanks.
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    Bib Foam mousse tube

    Hey Dirty Bikers1 Looking for your honest experiences with the Bib Mousse Foam Tube. I know there are a few out there who are riding the Mousse and am curious to know! 1). Do you need to replace them every season? 2). Does the feel of the bike change? 3). Are you drilling the foam out pre...