Marlborough Forest

Don't want to open a can of worms here but...

Has the BMA approached the City of Ottawa about opening up some single track trails in the Marlborough Forest? Seems ideal as it is close to Ottawa and already open to ATV traffic.


Haven't ridden there in a while but to my knowledge there is nothing excluding licensed and insured off road bikes from riding there as per ATV's. Some very limited single track there as I recall, but a lot of roads and swamps. Bring your hip waders! :D


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Hello fellow riders. I'm raising this thread from the dead because access to Marlborough Forest has been recently updated and no longer allows bikes!

Previously, I and fellow riders have been given the OK by the City to ride there as long as we stuck to Forest road and did not ride off it it. However, recently the police (I'm not clear on which force) has been issueing tickets to ATVers and motorcyclists alike. blue plate, green plate, it does not matter. The fines are steep! There are new signs showing no motorcycles OR ATV's at the entrances and we have been informed by the OPP that NO MOTORIZED vechicles are allowed while the gate is closed, which is from March to Sept, our entire riding season.

We are losing spots to ride. Marlborough was a gem for us that lived in the west and south of the city.

Can BMA inquire about getting access via membership? This is in our area and our riding areas are shrinking. We need help. We need help from the ATV community.
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@CanadianMohawk is correct, I personally spoke with the OPP unit that patrols on ATVs in Limerick, Calabogie, Marlborough and other trails. The constable said that Marlborough is not and allowed riding area and there is a recent patrolling blitz in there. The signs have been updated, they have added and re-adjusted large rocks next to the closed gates and will be installing additional fencing/blockades at some key entrances that are frequently used by motorized vehicles.

I have also spoken, and encourage you to do so also (respectfully), to the Ward 21 councilor's office, Scott Moffatt 613-580-2491 or write to him Wendy, the office admin was very nice to speak with and did follow-up to get additional info on Marlborough forest and got back to me. The short outcome, no motorized vehicles (other than wheelchairs) are permitted in the forest from March to September. License plate color is of no importance.

We will need to get a significant group aligned and organized to have a united front to stand any chance at getting things to change. Organizations' getting involved, like the BMA and other clubs is the most likely way to get the bylaw to be changed if at all possible.

Since the BMA is the members' organization, we need to voice it to the executives that it is important to us, otherwise, no action will be taken. Similar for other clubs you may be a part of.

I hope this info is helpful and enough of you are as interested as me (and a few others) to put effort into pushing for change and gaining fair share of properties that our tax dollars pay for.

I've attached the VM from the counselor's office.


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