Lowering KTM


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A buddy is looking to get into riding. One of the bikes he is considering is a KTM 250 XCF (2017).

He is 5’7” and asked about lowering. I seem to recall shaving the seat / lowering fork legs and a lowering link in the past.

Anyone have experience with this? The seat already looks pretty thin.

My son who is also 5’7” has a 150XC and doesn’t have any issues but he is a little more experienced.




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-Seat foam shave will get you 1"
-Lighten the pre-load on the rear spring and move up the forks in the clamps will get you another 1" - geometry might be slightly affected, sag it
-Rear shock spacer - really cheap, but you have to take the shock apart to get it in there - if you are handy in the garage, this is an easy upgrade - if you don't have nitrogen, do the rest, take it a shop for a cheap refill
-Lowering links for the rear are also a cheap option to get 1", but this will affect the geometry of the bike if the front fork internals aren't lowered too
-Lower front fork internals - I've never done this one.

Give stadium suspension a call, reputable canadian suspension company out of montreal.
You can also call race tech and factory connections in the US to get base line pricing on proper lowering to get the geometry right.
I've dealt with all 3 for new springs & a bladder conversion, no issues with any.
I've also heard great things from Lang's Offroad for suspension work.

Hope that helps