Area 31 evades me again!!


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So finally thought I'd do Area 31, been looking to do it for a while but manyt life events interfered. Bike was in Russell at my old neighbour's, signed up for yestereday afternoon and decided to get the bike, ride to Area 31, ride around for a while, then bring it home. Packed some tools, a lithium battery booster, some quickstart since the bike had not been running in quite a while. Drive out to Russell and find - I forgot the goddam key at home! So instead I moved my 1968 BSA home and will have to get the XT225 another time.

Seemed a perfect riding day yesterday too.




Oh that's suxs. I had something the same just happen to me.

I was at the cottage and riding out of there for 2 weeks. Late in the 2nd week I was riding in SRT when all of a sudden out of nowhere a rock jumped out at me and grab hold of my break petal and bent it all the way to the foot peg. Called the dealer to get a new one overnight to my house. Drove all the way home 1.5 hours and back another 1.5 hours, went to install the pedal and they sent me the wrong one. The really crappy part was I had the OEM one right there in my garage at home and could of just grab that and used it.
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