2016 Calabogie Boogie call for volunteers


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The 2016 Calabogie Boogie is September 10th and 11th this year.

We are looking for volunteers to help out with the following duties:
• Saturday Trail Ride – South Side
-Arrowing the week beforehand
-Trail Clearing beforehand – work groups to be scheduled

• Sunday Trail Ride – North Side
-Arrowing the week beforehand
-Trail Clearing beforehand – work groups to be scheduled

• All other event coordination duties

Please respond to the following with your contact information or on the forum:
• email Bann Price: bannprice4@gmail.com
• email Kevin Anderson: kevin_thomas_anderson@hotmail.com
• email Marc Levesque: marc_levesque@sympatico.ca

There are limited free accommodations available to volunteers working the weekend the Boogie.

Kevin, Marc, Baan


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Calabogie Boggie - August 21st Call for volunteers for North Side

Hello Everyone,

A work day to clean up the North Side is now scheduled for Sunday August 21st.

Paul Battle and Woody are both confirmed to bring their chainsaws.

Volunteer are required to help cleanup. We will have at least 2 teams working through the downed tree list contained below.

Plan is to meet at the Pit for 9:30am and have the crews out by 10am. We will be riding to most of the trouble areas. So bikes, riding gear and any tree clearing equipment you can ride with is appreciated.

Can I get a show of hands on who is planning to attend?




1. PitBull..the tree that has been leaning for last 2 years (on the hill after the creek) has fallen further by about 1' so we can't easily get under it...it needs to go!

There are a lot face slappers/small branches just past Westport hunt Camp on way to Lost Saint and some more along the Missing Link.

Missing Link

2. There is a tree across the trail at the end of Missing Link where that trail hooks up with the old ATV trail by the Tree Stand.

Wonderland – Transect

3. Intersection of Wonderland and Transect: There is a downed tree within 200
meters of the foot bridge in both directions ... (end of transect, and beginning
of wonderland)

4.One more downed tree on the wonderland just past the creek where we ride over
the log in direction of Oriole lake.

ATV Trail Eagles nest connector

5. One big log 20" tall on atv connector between both ends of Eagles Nest. Quite
fun to ride over actually!

Dump trail

6. One downed tree just past metal culvert before sand pit past the dump.

End – o - line

7. single track just before end-o-the-line, downed tree at hairpin just before the last small ascent


8. the connector from the hydro-line to the entrance of Garnsey at the brook – huge tree that has been uprooted – really huge!

9. Downed tree in Garnsey on one of the climbs where you turn 90deg to the right up the hill

Low-Lying area on two-track between Tom's and Autobahn

10. New downed tree across road – assuming it will be taken care of before we go next time


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Thanks to all who helped out on the 21st for the North Side cleanup.

Paul Battle and Woody for the chainsaw work.
Tom, Grant, Cole, Drew, Clint for clearing behind the saws...

I hope I have not forgotten someone.