inssurance for gas gas


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planning changing bike and i am not having any luck with insurance ...seem that no one can insure a gas gas 300 as it is not in their list of bike ..any of you with the gas gas can tell me witch insurance you have ?


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My insurance company wouldn't touch a dirt bike unless it's street legal, so I went with statefarm.


If the bike is street legal your insurance company probably needs to update their database with the greater insurance bureau's version. They probably haven't insured one yet thus Gas Gas does not exist in their minds. They may or may not offer off-road specific insurance, which is more specialized and harder to get.


The OFTR has worked out a deal with Dalton Timmis. Below is from the FAQ on the OFTR site, I would expect they should be able to secure insurance for you.

Also, to make things easier, Dalton Timmis has designated 2 agents to specialize in this program.

When you call Dalton Timmis about this program, please ask for either of these two agents:

Tara Shapiro
888-385-8466 ext 7460

Kyle Brown
888-385-8466 ext 7445