Front Tire recomendations


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I need to replace the front tire on my 250XC (80/100/21). Just wondering anyone had some recomedations for local trail riding?



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I'm setup for Calabogie with Tubliss, bring on the rocks!
I run my front at 8-9 PSI and love the Maxxis Desert IT.
Logged 2200 km's / 105 hours on it so far in Calabogie without any punctures, and the side knobs are holding up really well.
I would guess it still has another 3000 to 4000 km's of life left on it for sure.

I picked it because of other Tubliss reviews, threads on this forum and talking to other club members.
Already bought another one as my backup, it delivers what I need on the trail with great "thread / knob life" so far.
Dont listen to Steph,he barely rides haha

AT81's are where its at,Wheelsport in Ottawa has em for a pretty competitive price.
Out front I was on a Scorpion xc mid soft and it would puncture. It hooked up superb but suffered. A.T. 81 Rc all the way!
6 psi!
Tubliss! (with slime)


Ooooo it's a tire recommendation pile-on....

Haven't been super happy with anything yet for Calabogie, so going to try (paste clip) Mitas C-19 Eagle Green Super Light Extreme Front Tire 90/90-21 ....good for wet rocks to medium soft terrain, 3 ply super tacky compound, supposed to be a well liked tire in Europe.

Guys also run Bridgestone M59s, Michelin S12 XCs, Shinko offers a GoldenTyre clone called the MX216 which seems to be getting some love and are much cheaper than the GoldenTyres.


I run the same set up as Stephlal. The tire set up for Calabogie is perfect (Well I think it is). Like he said we have 2200 km's / 105 hours on it without any punctures and we run everything out there north and south.

Forgot to add I run with 7 psi in the front and 3 in the back.