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  1. Rooster

    Deliverance Location?

    Hey Redbong I just uploaded 2 of the 3 videos I shot back in Oct 2022 of my first ride on deliverance to my YouTube channel look up @rooster63 on YouTube to watch them the last video of the big downhill at the end will be uploaded shortly
  2. Rooster

    The Great 2024 Calabogie Cleanup

    Hi Doug! On sunday the 28th my friends Emily Kreschman and Matthieu Poissant cleared a bunch on southside with a chainsaw they dont know the names but has provided a gps track of the work done. all the routes on Matt's gps was all cleared i attached the file but it says its a not allowed...
  3. Rooster

    Looking for someone to lead a ride or two - Calabogie?

    Here is the url to my group, the Calabogie Southside Riders I'm accepting bookings for my "Calabogie 101" Coaching / Trail Ride program to help riders adapt and transition from trails like the ones at Limerick Forest into the more technical...
  4. Rooster

    Intermediate skills 2024 question

    dm me i'm Jason Lamure on FB (i have a dirt bike profile pic) or call/txt me at 613-325-1975
  5. Rooster

    Intermediate skills 2024 question

    Hey Sleepr, welcome back to dirt biking in ontario! The BMA skills clinics fill up quick, i've helped out on those a time or two its always popular. I offer a personal, on trail guided ride along with single track skills training on trails chosen specifically to challenge your present skill...
  6. Rooster

    The Great 2024 Calabogie Cleanup

    Riddle's Revenge, High Falls Climb, Tricky Dickie, BS2 & bypasses all look good as of yesterday, there a few more we rode but i'll have check my maps for the names
  7. Rooster

    Looking for someone to lead a ride or two - Calabogie?

    If anyone is interested I just started offering a Calabogie 101 Coaching / guided ride service on Calabogie's Southside. My goal is help riders who primarily ride in southern ontario on limerick style trails who would like to have smooth transition into Calabogie's more advanced terrain. Ride...
  8. Rooster

    Size 12 O'Neal Boots

    They are white, used a dozen times and the kid using em quit to get back his computer games long ago. Very clean super nice boots. $80
  9. Rooster

    KTM Rear Fender Rack

    nice rack...had to be said ;>) but with my short legs and lack of riding skills when I needed to get a leg over yet another fail the rack was to high to remount easily. So if you got some longer legs and ride a ktm circa 2014 this rack may be a great addition for you. price to be discussed (that...
  10. Rooster

    Sunday june 19 Limerick

    Again just a few guys probably park at pit in am any level that can handle limerick terrain wait for slower guys or fast guys wait for us at intersections etc
  11. Rooster

    Larose sat june 18

    Just me and a few bma buddies riding Larose Saturday probably around 9 am just a fun ride any level welcome
  12. Rooster

    Limerick Wednesday Sept 16

    Myself and a few friends going to limerick Wednesday after work around 4 pm arrival