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  1. stephlal

    3D printing parts!

    I discovered 3D printing over the winter and wanted to share with the community. Had a buddy print the following; One fixed the throttle slop on my 690, the other fixed a broken buckle on my leatt knee guards...
  2. stephlal

    Black Friday Deals

    GPBikes has all Motul Oil 20% off - some options don't show up on the website anymore due to stock backorder. You can still place an order by calling in. Dualsportplus has the Enduristan bag line at 15% off
  3. stephlal

    KTM parts & Shop tools

    Yost Vises FSV-4 4-Inch Heavy-Duty Forged Steel Bench, 360 ... 1522164318 Air Hose Reel & Air Hose ... 1522162997 SOLD KTM Powerparts Composite Skid Plate KTM Powerparts Carbon Pipe Guard IMS 3.5 Gal Fuel Tank...
  4. stephlal

    West Calabogie, Sunday August 30th

    Intermediate+ ride 2 track gnarly day Staging from here: Plan for 130km's of gas 9:30 ready to ride
  5. stephlal

    Calabogie North, Wednesday August 19th

    Advanced intermediate riders Pit, 1pm ready 2 ride
  6. stephlal

    Calabogie South, Saturday August 15th ... 631e46da51
  7. stephlal

    690/701 transmission

    I started 2020 with the intention of getting geared for DS / light adv fun this year, but Covid happened. I was finally able to get my M1 last month and scheduled to get my M2 in 3 weeks. I've tried light adventure bikes, and they are not for me, nor is the 500 for reasons I don't want to get...
  8. stephlal

    Backpack diet - Christmas list!

    My backpack comes in at 16 lbs with 2.5L of water, tools, snacks and emergency stuff for the trail. On long rides I couldn't take it anymore, so the search began to purge weight. I managed to cut out 4 pounds, 2.5 came from tools. I discovered the Leatherman Crunch, replacing several tools in...
  9. stephlal

    PSA - OPP Frontenac 06/12

    FYI - OPP was out in Frontenac (Calabogie) yesterday checking licenses plates, helmet straps, and Frontenac trail passes.
  10. stephlal

    Calabogie North Cleaning, Saturday May 30th

    Going up with the chainsaw North Side pit 10am ready to ride Room for 3 Intermediate+ riders Reply if joining *I will not go out with more than 5 people total. Don't show up if you haven't replied to this thread **Weather permitting, if it rains, this will be cancelled. Riding wet North with...
  11. stephlal

    Carbon cleaning?

    Completed my first top-end and discovered to joys of cleaning carbon. I'm looking for a full proof way that doesn't involve so much elbow grease, my PV was nasty.... How do you tackle the job?
  12. stephlal

    2 stroke top end

    I'm racking up hours quicker than anticipated this season on my first 2 stroke top end and will most likely need a top end before the season ends. Since it won't be a winter project, I don't want the bike parked waiting on parts. I've read a ton and need help with one item, bore measurement...
  13. stephlal

    PSA - Hard to get compounds

    I needed loctite 620 to fix a bushing issue on my bike. I lost count of how many stores I called in the region, finally scored with Ottawa Fastener Supply. They have the entire loctite line, they also have a new location in the east end. If they have a product at one location and not the other...
  14. stephlal

    Calabogie North Sunday, July 14th

    Riding with the chainsaw to purge the North and clean trails 0830 meet up @ pit 0900 ready to ride I have a hard stop at 2pm, leaving the pit 9am sharp Reply if joining
  15. stephlal

    Calabogie South Sunday, June 16th

    Intermediate riders 0900 meet up @ HGC 0930 ready to ride Riding with the chainsaw to continue cleaning - bring saws! Clearing: -DMZ large one between Blackbear and Helter -SOT -River Run -Kelford loop, rehabilitating an old trail that goes around Quinn's...
  16. stephlal

    Calabogie South Wednesday, June 12 - Night

    Evening / night ride for intermediate riders Bike and/or helmet light mandatory 1630 meet up @ HGC 1700 ready to ride 2200 return at the latest Reply if joining
  17. stephlal

    Calabogie South Saturday, June 8

    Intermediate+ riders with 120kms gas range 0900 meet up @ HGC 0930 ready to ride Reply if joining If the weather changes, start time will be adjusted, keep an eye on the thread
  18. stephlal

    Calabogie clean up status

    South side, what's left: Faron's + Faron's North Screw U south Fanny Goat River Run M&M trails Note: DMZ bridge fixed and passable Black Bear has a lot of 1" to 2" face smackers
  19. stephlal

    Calabogie South Saturday, May 18th

    Intermediate riders 0900 meet up @ HGC 0930 ready to ride Riding with the chainsaw to continue spring cleaning. Clearing all singles by high falls, faron's, up the creek, black bear, DMZ from the washed out bridge to the road, porno palace, straddlebug, time...
  20. stephlal

    AOAA trails in PA Ryan and I recently visited. If you are looking for winter riding with little to no snow, this is a great spot 6.5 hours from Ottawa, plenty to ride for 2 days and take care of the itch. I would classify it as a mish mash of Calabogie ATV trails, some more rocky then...