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    PSA: OPP @ Limerick On The Weekend

    The OPP were there on ATVs on Sunday in the parking lot, on the trails, road, etc. They were checking for tight chin straps, plates in their correct location (green on the front, blue on the back), ownership, insurance, and trail pass/BMA membership. They were very polite and my buddy got a...
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    Quebec Resident and Insurance

    A new member, from Quebec, is struggling with obtaining insurance for himself and his 13 year old child to ride in Ontario. Any Quebec residents who have children and are insured and riding in Ontario care to share what they have done? Thanks, Ross
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    Which Coolant

    What coolant do you guys use/recommend?
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    Calabogie North Parking and Trails

    I am looking to change it up a little this weekend and try the North side. Have not been there yet this year. Is Highway 508 (North Madawaska) pit - 45°15'16.98"N, 76°51'1.72"W still an option for parking? Was going to try Limestone Junction, Missing Link, etc. With the logging, did those...
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    2 Stroke Fuel Oil Ratio

    It seems some people go richer than the manufacturer recommended fuel oil ratio. Is it to be safe? Easier math? What do you do and recommend? Thanks Ross
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    LF: CR150F or TTR150

    A friend is look for a CRF150F or TTR150 for his wife. Needs to have electric start. If you have one for sale, or know someone who does, please let me know. Thanks, Ross
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    Hunting Season(s)?

    When does hunting usually keep us out of Limerick and Calabogie and for how long? Thanks, Ross
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    Ganaraska Forest

    I might be up in the area of the Ganaraska Forest in the next month or so. Any info would be appreciated. 1. Can we ride there as OFTR members? 2. Any suggested starting points, or tracks? 3. What is the terrain like? Rocks, roots, mud? Thanks, Ross
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    Route/gpx Editor

    What are you guys using/recommending to edit routes/gpx files? I have a gpx file with many tracks, but I want to remove a bunch to make it easier to follow a track. Thanks, Ross
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    LF: CRF230F Stock Exhaust

    I am looking for a stock exhaust for a CRF230F. If you have one, please let me know. Thanks, Ross
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    LF: Chain Breaker

    Does anyone have a chain breaker I could borrow? I bought a new chain and I need to remove a few links. I live in Greely, work downtown, and drive to and from. Thanks, Ross
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    Swimming Around Calabogie

    I was out at the ride yesterday at Calabogie and it was hot. Every time we drove past a piece of water I though of how refreshing it would be to just jump in and have a quick dip. Are the pieces of water typically private? Full of beaver fever? Should I just stick with the beach on Calabogie...
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    Larose - June 3'rd

    Anyone planning to head out to Larose on Saturday? How does Larose compare Limerick?
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    125 Slipping out of gear

    Disclaimer, this bike is an Apollo/CHonda ;-) The engine is a replica of an older Honda I don't know which one "yet". Anyways... Just got this last fall. Have been out on it a dozen times, actually my son. Today it starting slipping into neutral. Seems to do it when not under load, when I...
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    Limerick Sunday May 21

    I am heading out around 9 with my son. We have never been to Limerick and are new riders. Anyone else going? Thanks, Ross
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    Looking For Claude

    I met Claude at the Novice Training Session on Saturday and would like to know his forum username so I can PM him. Anyone know, and willing to share, his forum name? Thanks, Ross
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    Thanks for Novice Rider Training

    I just wanted to thank everyone who helped make the Novice Rider Training such an awesome event. My son and I were both blown away by the day. You exceeded all of our expectations. The quality of the instruction, the friendliness of the people, how welcoming everyone was. Just awesome all...
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    Access to "BMA Members Only" Forums

    I signed up last fall for the forums, but only joined BMA a few weeks ago. What do I have to do to gain access to the "BMA Members Only"? Thanks, Ross
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    Do I Need Insruance

    I bought 2 dirt bikes last fall and am trying to figure out what I need to do to be legal to ride Calabogie and Limerick. I believe I need green plates, and third party liability. I got green plates last fall, and just purchases my OFTR membership. Reading I...
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    Anybody Riding Apollo/Orion Bikes?

    I am totally new to the sport, or least have not rode in the last 30 years ;-) I am interested in getting into trail riding again w/ my 12 year old son. From what I can gather the Chinese bikes, Apollo/Orion, have come along way in the last decade. Is anyone using them?