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    Insurance for my kid

    Yep. They stopped my daughter in Limerick and fined us/me. She was riding on the shoulder of the gravel road, returning to parking after we got lost. Doing 20 km/h on the side of the road, she was in full gear, including boots, kneed, elbow, chest protector, on a little DRX70. He listed like...
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    Insurance for my kid

    I guess I'll provide another update. Still have my fleet of bikes insured with TD using OPCF32. It's costing me... $2000/year. It's like $800 for my Africa Twin, $500 for my CRF450L, and 200-250 for the 3 family bikes. There is some potential for savings if you bundle. I actually just went...
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    People with "real" trucks will laugh

    There's nothing not-real about the Maverick. It can have a higher payload rating than some full-size.
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    Parking at Calabogie Highlands GC?

    Are we allowed to park at the spot on the hill at times other than when the club is doing semi-organized weekend rides? Want to take the family to ride the K&P today. Trying to figure out where to park. I assume the lot on Tatty Hill road will be full by the time we get there.
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    South side ride Sunday 28th

    Thanks for the ride guys and thanks especially for getting me out alive. That's why I join a club. Glad I didn't ruin the day for everybody though. I did get out after and enjoyed the easy stuff.