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    Is this a glimpse into the future of our sport?

    "The Land Trust and Santa Cruz Bicycles have something in common: trails. [...] That’s why when Santa Cruz Bicycles contributed $500,000 to help build trails at San Vicente Redwoods (matched by our No Limits Challenge), we realized we could be launching a new trend in trail-building."...
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    Registration for the Ladies Rider Training is open

    Training by ISDE Team Canada competitor Felicia Robichaud - for women riders only. Felicia has graciously offered to lead this rider skills clinic as an opportunity for women riders to engage in conversations based on technique, visualisation, and development of good offroad motorcycle...
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    Novice Training Registration is Open

    Registration for Novice Rider Skills Trianing Clinic is now open. There is no charge, but you must be a member of the BMA, and you must be a Novice rider (see this description of rider levels: ). The training will take place at Francis' Motoranch in...
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    Hydration Bladders On Sale

    Big sale on 2L and 3L hydration bladders at Mountain Equipment Co-op. This model comes with a divided bladder, if you who like some variety out on the trail. I usually put caffeinated water in one reservoir and plain water in the other. The spiked water never lasts as long as the plain...
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    VIDEO: Hydroline Horror

    Here's a video of Margaux riding the roller-coaster section along the hydro-line. Sound is an important component of this video ;-)
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    This video reminds me of my first ride in Calabogie, which was Boogie 2013. I've been hooked ever since!!!!!!
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    The TRAINING Thread

    Training seems to be a reoccurring theme on this forum. Let's use this thread to post-all things related to training. IF you read anything training-related on an interweb, or download a good training Youtubes, you can post them here. You can also post about your own training regimes here.
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    Tube Saddle

    Anyone try using Tube Saddle before? Looks like it offers the same benefits as Tubliss for half the price. Here's a review on Enduro 360: ... be-saddle/ And below is someone posting about them on Thumpertalk: Unless someone...
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    FMSQ Enduro in Tremblant

    The FMSQ (Quebec's XC & Enduro series) is tentatively planning to host an Enduro near Mont Tremblant this season. That puts it less than 2 hours drive away from Ottawa. If this event takes place, it will happen on the 28th and 29th of May. As skidoorules already mentioned, we also have two...
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    OO Ladies Ride at Ganaraska

    Hi All, I know there has been discussion about organizing more ladies rides, so I thought I would mention that an Off-road Ontario (OO) member is trying to informally organize a ladies ride at Ganaraska on the day before the Mini Pine Enduro. Below is a copy of the post that appeared on the OO...
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    Pipe guard skid plate combo

    If I had a 250 or 300, I would be all over this product. Pipe and skid plate into one unit, steel rather than plastic.
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    Great weather. Kinda reminds me of the 2015 Boogie... ... eys-xtreme
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    Offroad Ontario is rethinking their Veteran classes

    Apologies for cross-posting, but I'm sure there are some BMA members who regularly check this forum but not the OO forum. OO is restructuring their Veteran classes. Instead of Vet A and Vet B for riders aged 40+, and SuperVet A and SuperVet B for riders aged 50+, they are consolidating the vet...
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    Stuckmate & BMA partnership

    Stuckmate has developed a new product for dirtbikers that find themselves stuck on long and almost un-climbable hills: ... -stuckmate Perhaps these should be issued with every BMA membership?
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    Hunting Season

    Can some please post the important dates for dirt bikers in regards to hunting season. I tried to find out myself but the Ontario 2015 Hunting Regulation Summary is just over 100 pages long and filled with codes and and numbers that I don't have time to decrypt. I don't want to be riding when...
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    Video tutorial. "How to ride over suspended logs".

    Megan Griffiths is an Intermediate-level XC racer in the Pacific North West Motorcycle Association (PNWMA). She just posted a nice little video about riding over suspended logs. Enjoy!
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    AMSoil Saber

    Anybody have experience with AMSoil Saber 2-stroke oil? Jeff Slavens recommends it in this video: And its significantly cheaper than the synthetic oil that I'm burning now.
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    The owner of the gym I train at (Human 2.0) recently asked me to write about fitness for motorcycle riders. He has been the Chief Medical Director at several MotoGP races, so it was not a request I took lightly. The article was published today. I'm not sure what the fitness community will think...
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    Congrats Patrick on 2nd place finish at Motorpark!

    Yesterday, BMA's very own Patrick Mercier finished 2nd in the Novice A class of the Offroad Ontario race series. The race was held at Motopark. Below is a description of the track, which I copied from the OO forum: Congrats Pat! I know that you have been working hard to improve your...
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    Where to Legally Ride in Canada

    Most of the stuff on this company's blog is bad, but this article was informative: ... in-canada/