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  1. J

    Size 12 O'Neal Boots

    They are white, used a dozen times and the kid using em quit to get back his computer games long ago. Very clean super nice boots. $80
  2. J

    KTM Rear Fender Rack

    nice rack...had to be said ;>) but with my short legs and lack of riding skills when I needed to get a leg over yet another fail the rack was to high to remount easily. So if you got some longer legs and ride a ktm circa 2014 this rack may be a great addition for you. price to be discussed (that...
  3. J

    Sunday june 19 Limerick

    Again just a few guys probably park at pit in am any level that can handle limerick terrain wait for slower guys or fast guys wait for us at intersections etc
  4. J

    Larose sat june 18

    Just me and a few bma buddies riding Larose Saturday probably around 9 am just a fun ride any level welcome
  5. J

    Limerick Wednesday Sept 16

    Myself and a few friends going to limerick Wednesday after work around 4 pm arrival