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    New way to lose things in garage

    Having parts and tools go missing while wrenching is nothing new. When installing EE rad braces on new bike, I got to the end and was missing one bolt. Looked everywhere, gave up, used standard 6mm in place of button-head. A few days later I went to use my magnetic tray again and there it was...
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    Husqvarna accessories (from 2018 TE150, some fit other years/models, even KTM, GasGas, Beta)

    XTRIG PHDS mounts, Guts Racing tall seat, IMS Core Enduro pegs (5mm lower), OEM skid plate, OEM bar pad, more. Available but not yet listed: RK Tek head insert and JD Jetting Keihin AirStriker 36mm carb.
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    Mikuni fix

    Mine was particularly bad... still has kit, although price has climbed. If you aren't buying other stuff to qualify for free shipping, they may do what they did for me - send it letter mail for almost nothing. Not an option at checkout time, use contact form or phone.
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    Did I miss something on maps at this year's Boogie

    Just did the survey, ranked most things awesome. One comment was that the new maps (take your own photo) are missing some detail from past years' printed maps. In particular, the trail names. I just dug up an old printed map (2014). I wonder if there was some sort of legend that I missed at the...
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    Demo Rides Sep 23-24, KTM, GasGas, Husqvarna, Beta, Yamaha

    Not well advertised, but nice test loop and wide variety of demo bikes at Corduroy start in Gooderham. I rode 7 models today, same thing is happening Friday and Saturday 1-5. No pre-registration, just show up with gear and driver’s license. Here are more details and location...
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    Boogie - First and Latest

    1991 was the first, a much smaller event. This weekend's should have been the 32nd, but 2 were missed for Covid so XXX.
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    Mousse Tip

    I installed my first mousse last fall, Nitro Mousse up front, still using Tubliss in back. Followed instructional video, went relatively smoothly. But I sure wish I knew about this tip to make re-lube easier! Coles Notes: install a street bike valve stem on rim before installing mousse get...
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    SOLD: Fox Racing Instinct Motocross Boots, Men's 10, NEW!!!

    See Kijiji ad $20 discount for BMA members, send private message through this forum.
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    SOLD TekVest, Used, Size Large

    See Kijiji ad $20 discount for BMA members, send PM through forum.
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    People with "real" trucks will laugh

    Phew!! It fits!
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    Husky/KTM Shock Pre-load Tool

    You may not need a special tool, I usually adjust by hand. Bike on stand (of course), loosen the lock (second ring on some bikes, allen screw on your bike if it is like my 2018 Husky), then grab the spring with both hands (there is generally room, even on fully assembled bike) and rotate in...
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    People with "real" trucks will laugh

    Heck, Ridgeline owners may even laugh :) But the new Ford Maverick seems ideal for me to haul one bike. It fits two (like photo), but that may tax tail-gate load capacity. Will see how it works in the spring...
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    Faast Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts, 13.5mm Inside Diameter (NEW!)

    See kijiji $10 discount for BMA members, send PM through BMA site.
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    Moose XCR Enduro Jacket (XL)

    $10 off for BMA members, reply through this forum. Details on Kijiji,
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    Is everyone still getting "Inside Motorcycles" from 2019 membership?

    OFTR stopped including subscription with membership in 2020. I didn't pay extra for it that year, or this year. So the magazine that arrived today is from my 2019 membership. Incuded was a Final Notice, likely the fifth one :).
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    SOLD: Tusk Flexx Bar Hand Guard Mounts (NEW!)

    $10 off for BMA members, reply through forum.
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    A new home for the Forums!

    Is image size still restricted to max dimension 1000 pixels? I understand why this was needed when forum was hosted on a 1990's PC in Doug M.'s basement, but this is 2021 :).
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    A new home for the Forums!

    The new forum looks great, nice modernization. Did some/all image attachments get lost during migration? I just noticed this old post which no longer has the original image. Checked a couple of other old posts and also no images...
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    I'm a dirt biker, not a horticulturist

    First ride at the Limerick, I popped out of the woods into a clearing and saw a clump of bright pink flowers. Had never seen ones like that before, so mentioned to my wife who is an avid gardener. Stumped her. She wasn't familiar with anything like that, and search didn't find anything in this...
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    SOLD: Tusk Sag Scale (NEW)

    $5 discount for BMA members (so $15), reply through BMA forum.