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    DRC Quick Mousse Tire Changer -- Asking $50 ****** SOLD ***** SOLD ***** SOLD *****

    Description ****** SOLD ***** SOLD ***** SOLD ***** - Can be used with regular tubes also - Paid $300 plus shipping - Comes with 3 different axle size adapters - Foot-operated bead breaker system saves you crucial time and energy at the track. - One-touch folding system of the bead breaker arm...
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    Calabogie South Cleaning - Sunday June 19th

    Count me in.
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    Calabogie South Cleaning - Saturday June 11th

    I'm in. See you there.
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    Calabogie South Cleaning - Sunday June 5th

    @barbotte from the first posting up above: "Going down with chainsaw to work south side trails HGC field staging - 9:30am ready to ride" HGC is the Highlands Golf Course. Come for 9:00am, dressed and ready by 9:30am. You'll see cars parked up past the old silo on the hill as you drive...
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    Calabogie South Cleaning - Sunday June 5th

    Holler back if you want help.
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    Calabogie South Cleaning - Sunday June 5th

    Hey "weekender", I love installing mousse's. Do you need help? Where are you located? Maybe I can drop by?
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    The Great 2022 Calabogie Cleanup

    End of day yesterday, I decided to head down Bompas and then double back. Usually a nice ride and adds 16km to your day if you're looking to rack up a few extra miles. A lot of chain saws had cleared many fallen trees. The only issue was early on where a swamp sort of stretches over onto...
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    3D printing parts!

    Real men use steel..... starting at $250 US Get a CNC Router...
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    riding season has begun

    Last weekend I was up at Calabogie and dirt bikes were out as well as a ton of ATV's and SxS's. Does anybody know if we can park at the HGC? Saturday looks like the best day weather wise.
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    riding this weekend -- on Saturday

    Anybody riding this weekend? It should be tomorrow, Saturday, because Sunday is 100% rain according to the Weather Network. Sunday is calling for over 1 inch of rain, so it's Saturday or bust.
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    Riding Canada Day

    Is anybody riding tomorrow?? If so, when and where??