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    Lowering KTM

    Thanks. That does help.
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    Lowering KTM

    A buddy is looking to get into riding. One of the bikes he is considering is a KTM 250 XCF (2017). He is 5’7” and asked about lowering. I seem to recall shaving the seat / lowering fork legs and a lowering link in the past. Anyone have experience with this? The seat already looks pretty...
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    Looking for bike for 15 year old

    My middle son has outgrown his CRF100 and is in need of new bike. I have been looking for something like a KTM150XCW, KTM200EXC/XCW, YZ125, YZ125x etc... Looking for something newer/used. He is 5'7 and getting better every time he gets out (oh, to be 15 again....). We ride Calabogie/Limerick...