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    Ride Calabogie North Side - Sunday Aug 15

    Meet at the pit, 0930 hrs ready to ride. We will likely challenge all the trails and I may suggest we venture out to 'The Crag' if we feel good at the end of the line. AJ
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    Northside - Tuesday 1 Sep

    Meet at the Pit. 0930 hrs ready to ride. Plan on doing all the trails.
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    Boogie Prep the Weekend?

    Folks I am available Sun and Mon this weekend for boogie prep if anyone is going and needs help. I plan to ride Sun regardless but let me know if you are doing something special. Andrew
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    Calabogie Sunday Anyone?

    I know that many are involved in the intermediate skills development but is anyone riding on their own? Thanks.
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    Sat/Sun Riding at Calabogie?

    Is anyone going out this weekend? I am looking for some riding but things have been pretty quiet this week. Please let me know. Andrew