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    Limerick This Weekend

    Hi, I'm heading out for the first time in 18 months. Looking to hook up with some riders. I can do either Sat or Sunday. Beginners welcome. Thanks, David
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    Calabogie Sunday Aug 4th.

    Anyone interested in heading out to Calabogie on Sunday?
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    Limerick - This Weekend

    Anyone heading out to Limerick this weekend?
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    Limerick - Saturday May 18th

    Heading out for a the season opener. All welcome. Meet in the pit @ 9AM. Add to the thread if you're coming out.
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    Beta Stock Shock

    Any of you upgrade junkies have a stock Beta rear shock for sale?
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    Thanksgiving Ride - Oct 6-8th

    Anyone up for riding this weekend? Calabogie, Limerick, anything? Post to the thread. Cheers, David
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    Sunday Ride - Sept 30th

    Anyone interested in riding Calabogie Sunday? Respond to the thread. Thanks, David
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    Riding - Sept 22, 23

    Is anyone riding this weekend? Looking for riders for Calabogie or Limerick. Please respond to the thread. Cheers, David
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    Calabogie - Aug 18,19th

    Looking to hook up with a crew of riders heading up to Calabogie this weekend. Skill Level - Advanced Novice, Level 3-4 trails Bike - Beta XTrainer Fitness - 3-4 hours moderate pace. Let me know when/where we can meet. Thanks, David
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    Limerick - Saturday Aug 4th

    Who's interested? Arriving at 9 and ready to ride at 9:30. Bring your friends.
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    Limerick - July 29th

    If anyone is interested in riding Limerick on Sunday morning let me know. Planning to be at the pit for 9AM and ready to ride at 9:30.
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    Limerick - July 20-22

    Anyone interested in riding Limerick this weekend? I'm good for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Let me know.
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    Limerick - July 15th

    Riding Limerick in the AM. All welcome.
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    Limerick Canada Day Weekend

    Anyone heading out to Limerick this weekend? Early start to beat the heat. Saturday or Sunday.
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    Limerick - Fathers Day

    Anyone interested riding Limerick on Sunday morning?
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    Limerick Victoria Day

    Riding Limerick Monday May 21st. All riders welcome. Meeting at the pit at 9:30. Please confirm by posting to the thread.
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    Limerick - Oct 6th

    Anyone interested in riding Limerick tomorrow? You gotta fight, for your right, to ride, eh.
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    Marlborough Forest

    Don't want to open a can of worms here but... Has the BMA approached the City of Ottawa about opening up some single track trails in the Marlborough Forest? Seems ideal as it is close to Ottawa and already open to ATV traffic.
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    Limerick - Sept 14th

    Riding at Limerick @ 4PM tomorrow if anyone is interested.
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    Limerick Rides - Sun Sept 24th

    Putting together some weekend training rides for beginners to intermediate. Saturdays and/or Sundays. All are welcome. Riding again Saturday and Sunday morning. Should be there for 9AM. Let me know who's in. Thanks.