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    Front Shinko Cheater Fat Tyre 90/100-21

    Hi, I have a new unused front Shinko Cheater Fat Tyre for sale. It is a 90/100-21. $80. Thx. J
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    Is Larose open to riding (as of 2021 05 11)?

    Hi, Just wondering if Larose is open for riding? I'm aware that it is open for mountain biking, but just not sure for dirt bikes. Also, are there any sites where I can get updates on the status or riding there? Thx. J
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    GPX file for K&P Trail

    Hi All, I'm looking to ride the K&P trail this week-end with my DS bike and was wondering if someone had a GPX file they could share with me or alternatively direct me to a website that does. Thx. J
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    Riding area in Calabogie (Church farm road)

    Hi, I was told in the past by club members that the open field across from Tatty Hill road and Church Farm road was open to BMA members to ride in. When I went by on the week-end I noticed that there was a private property sign and so I just wanted to confirm whether or not we were...
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    Tek Vet

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone is using a tech vest to carry their gear and hydration such as the one here: I looked through the archive, but there does not seem to be much of any discussion for the last decade. Some of the posts in the archive also...
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    Tubliss Gen 2

    I have a new Tubliss Gen.2 kit for sale. The front kit new, for a 21" rim and still new in the box. The rear, for an 18" wheel is also relatively new as I was unable to successfully get a good seal on the rim after 2 attempts and it is for someone more experienced to make work. $180 for both. J
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    500 exc... too big for the area

    While I realize that this question is dependent on peoples skill level, I'd like to upgrade from my 250 XC to a bike that can do both on and off street riding. Just wondering if a KTM 500 exc is going to be too much of a beast and whether or not forum members ride them in Calabogie and...
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    2 finger levers

    Hi All, I'd like to swap out my exiting stock KTM levers from my 250xc for some shorter 2 finger ones. Just wondering what brands / models board members are using. Thx. J
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    Front wheel installation ... 2mm between fork and spacer?

    Hi, I just got finished changing the front tire on my 250 XC and installed / torqued down the front axle and tightened the front pinch bolts per the manual. When I was finished, I noticed a 2mm space between the right fork and the wheel spacer. I had not noticed in before I took the wheel...
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    GPS base maps

    Hi, Just wondering what riders are using for their base maps and where they are getting them. Thx. J
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    Front Tire recomendations

    Hi, I need to replace the front tire on my 250XC (80/100/21). Just wondering anyone had some recomedations for local trail riding? Thx. J