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    Saturday July 14th North side...

    Any interest?
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    Club Endurix guided ride on Monday 21st May

    Anyone going? This is the area that hosts the Rivière Rouge enduro, although I don't know if it's the same trails (I would think, they usually host the race this time, but it's set back to August for good reason) Motocross Rivière Rouge Rivière-Rouge, QC
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    Fasst Flexx bars, Enduro low

    These are the "low" bars designed for undermount dampers (keeps the bar height stock), if you don't have an undermount, you will need risers. They include bar mount threaded inserts. Make me an offer.
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    Sun Aug 20, Boogie 'Deep South' cleanup

    Going to need a couple of guys for cleanup for Quinn's/Espresso, Land Before Time and Levant mountain. These are Boogie L3-L4+ white trail options. Bring shears, saws or machetes. I have no idea on the conditions for the rarely used Levant area, which will require a small amount of tarmac travel...
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    Calabogie sat July 8th....

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    Calabogie sat-mon 24-26 June anyone?

    Looking for tough technical stuff, deliverance/quinns or north side. Mat
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    2009 KLX250s (351cc big bore, lotsa mods)

    11000km (maybe 25 hours of actual off-road), maintained and in good condition (minus some plastics). Mods include: 351cc big bore kit with TM33(34mm) pumper carb (Bill Blue) Full FMF powerbomb exhaust with Q4 silencer KDX airbox snorkel kit Kickstarter kit (OEM has electric only) IMS 12l tank...
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    Hunting season is over....

    Hunting season is over, it's still above zero this weekend....who's still riding?
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    Front spring swap, KTM CC fork

    Spring size should be 43mm x 485mm I'm looking to get an average rate of 4.4 between both legs, and I currently have a set of 4.9s, and 4.2s. So either I need to trade for a single 4.6 spring (preferable), or two 4.4 springs (which I believe are stock on most models). You could take your pick...
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    Friday July 22nd Calabogie

    Anyone riding? Would love to do the north side again. Mat
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    Sunday July 10 Calabogie....hard n fast

    Let's do all the harder single track stuff, backwards and forwards if need be...hitting Deliverance too. Let's make it hurt :mrgreen: I'll start hydrating right away...
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    Soggy Boot Trail ride....worth the drive?

    Never been in that neck of the woods, is it worth the 4-4.5 hour drive for their 80km ride? What are the trails like?
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    Limerick Friday 13th relaxo-ride

    Planning an easy ride with my noobish buddy, time is TBD but it'll be late morning to early afternoon. Start on the north side but may transfer to the south maybe.
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    Any interest in GT416AA fronts ?

    I might be purchasing them from a US dealer that got them back in stock, would have them delivered to my US PO box near Cornwall. Price is 90usd (about 125 cnd now) which is on par with the the Canadian prices I've seen. For some reason these tires aren't available in Canada right now it seems...
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    Cheap bike lift at princess auto until Dec 27

    Got one for christmass, the only one I've seen with casters, works well so far, rolls around nicely. ... -prod-com2 ... 421131.jpg ... 519076.jpg
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    Weekend December 5/6 ride anyone?

    Weather calls for sunny 8c...
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    Weekend of the 21-22nd November...calabogie

    Any planned rides? Seems like this hunting seasons been going on forever!
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    Source for Forma boots in Montreal ottawa

    Looking at the terrain tx model but not sure of the sizing for non return mail order
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    Last weekend's ride that I got knocked out on....

    On Doug's south side ride on Sunday, anyone remember what the name of the trail was that I got head hunted on? I will personally murder that fallen tree next trail clearing in the spring.