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    week end in calabogie ?

    anyone riding calabogie Saturday or sunday ? cheer Henri
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    ride friday 18 may

    any one up for a ride on friday 18 may in calabogy cheer
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    kennelly even

    any one going to the kennely on the mat 6 ?? anyone been there lately as i was wondering how long it take to do the loop in the wood as last spring he was not ready at all for the wood thanks
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    deal on bike carrier

    well my bike carrier is going to be on sale for $90 ( reg $150) at princess auto starting march 6 .. been using it for 2 year and no problem so far ... -p8169781e cheer
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    ride on sunday 27 ?

    anyone riding calabogie on sunday ?? cheer Henri
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    corduroy registration

    any one know where and when the corduroy registration is happening ??? thanks Henri
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    any one going to the SOGGY BOOT TRAIL RIDE ?? wondering with all that rain we are getting if it will very hard stuff ?? anyone done it ? how far is the gas truck ?? thanks
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    algonquin 2 ride info ?

    hello i need some info on the format of the ride as every video i watch it seem to be a fun ride and not a race and not many info on the poster is it like the corduroy ?? time ,,and race ? or is it at your own pace like any normal ride between friend ? how long is the ride ?? 20 -30 klm or...
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    intermediere day

    thank you all for the awsome day i had today learning more skill ...thanks to all who give time their time to make it happens and were patient with us .. i wish i took picture ... cheer Henri
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    inssurance for gas gas

    planning changing bike and i am not having any luck with insurance ...seem that no one can insure a gas gas 300 as it is not in their list of bike ..any of you with the gas gas can tell me witch insurance you have ? thanks
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    corduroy REGISTRATION

    anyone has info on where to register for the 2016 cord ?? thanks
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    crf250x header pipe needed

    anyone know where i can get a used header pipe for my 2008 crf 250x ?? i call dealer and they are back order until end of august ....also can i damage my engine if i run with a bend/kink pipe ? thanks