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  1. smokin

    Muddy Sunday Ride Oct. 17 South Side

    Going to ride Sunday south side. If the weather forecast holds we should not be dumped on. Certain to be wet, but not drenching! I believe some are riding north side, but a wet north side ride is not my thing. NOTE: going to park at High Falls, the HGC will be pretty spongy after a deluge on...
  2. smokin

    Ride Sunday Sept. 26 South Side

    HGC ready to ride 9:30. What we ride will depend on weather.
  3. smokin

    Ride Sunday 19, South side

    From the Highlands Golf Club (top of hill by old silo). Ready to ride by 9:30. Harder loop with Rack Attack, Deliverance, BFH, Quinns, etc.
  4. smokin

    Ride South Side September 12

    South side ride in honor of the cancelled 2021 Boogie. From the Highland's Golf Club (Barryvale by Ont.). Park on top of hill (turn at old silo). Be ready to ride at 9:30. If more than 10 people show up, we will try to break into groups. And try to organize by ride difficulty level. Smokey...
  5. smokin

    Ride Calabogie South Side Sunday August 8th

    I'm back!:). I have not posted rides during Covid. But I have been doing lots of riding! We start from the Highlands Golf Club in Barryvale and park on top of the hill (look for remains of an old silo). Ride time is 9:30 so most show up at 9:00. These rides are usually intermediate++. I...
  6. smokin

    South side ride Sunday 20th

    Ride from the Highlands Golf Club (top of hill). 9:00 arrival, 9:30 riding. Let's head up to the Quinn's and do a long loop!
  7. smokin

    Ride Labour Day Monday

    I hope to get out on Monday. Perhaps it is time for a North Side? I will confirm later this weekend.
  8. smokin

    South side ride Sunday August 30th

    Will be riding from the HGC. 9:00, riding by 9:30! Big Mike wants to do the big hill on Snake Head! Might bring the 450!
  9. smokin

    Ride Saturday Aug. 22?

    Tomorrow looks to be best day. Anyone in?
  10. smokin

    Ride Sunday August 16th

    Hi Still tentative, will know this evening. From HGC arrive 9:00. Ride 9:30. Check back for confirmation!
  11. smokin

    South side ride Sunday August 9th

    Planning a south side ride Sunday Ausgust 9th. From usual place: Highland Golf Club. BMA parking area top of hill. 9:00. Intermediate ride (which means any trail in the south :lol: )
  12. smokin

    South side ride Sunday 26th

    HGC, 8:30 Heat was a killer last week, but I want to ride some stuff like deliverance, yada...
  13. smokin

    South side ride Sunday July 19th

    From the HGC - Boogie parking area. Show up at 8:30 and ride by 9:00 to beat the heat! Bring lots of water! Probably no killer trail because of the heat, but will aim for 100km.
  14. smokin

    South side ride Sunday 28th

    Riding from the HGC. Boogie riding parking area. Per the picture. 9:00 meet up, ride 9:30
  15. smokin

    Side Sunday June 14

    Northside ride from the pit. 9:00AM
  16. smokin

    Ride Sunday 21st

    I need my share of heat stroke! Riding from the HGC. Arriving 8:30 to beat the heat. Riding by 9:00.
  17. smokin

    Sunday South Side Ride June 30

    Hi, I will be riding South Side Sunday June 30th. From the HGC 9:00.
  18. smokin

    Ride Sunday June 8th

    Looking for a ride Sunday. South side, to take in the trails I have not got around to yet (Expresso, L&R, Hidden Lake, Redhorse Clutch cover). That’s putting on some klicks! From the HGC - 9:00. I think they do breakfast at the Golf Course now? If anyone knows chime in? Plan to ride by 9:30...
  19. smokin

    Ride Sunday Sunday 19

    Riding from the HGC 9:00 Looks like 4-5 showing up
  20. smokin

    Ride Sunday April 28

    I'm back! And want to ride Sunday 28th. South side. From the High Falls parking area under the pole line. It will be wet! There is likely still snow, ice. I am keeping the studs on my bike. Probably more exploratory than a bad-ass ride...but I need to get out! Let's plan for 9:00. More news...